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Lessons Learned : Live Scan, Ink Fingerprints

After years of inputting information into the Department of Justice Live Scan devices, lessons have been learned which can help assure that the applicant live scan fingerprint submission is accepted the first time. 

1. The live scan fingerprint requesting agencies need to make sure Agency Name, Agency Address, Agency Telephone Number, Agency Contact Person on the application is the same as that which is registered with the Department of Justice. If there is a change, please notify the Department of Justice as this could cause a rejection letter for each applicant that has the old information.

3. Every live scan fingerprint requesting agency has a CORI person who is assigned to receive the response from Department of Justice (DOJ) / FBI. If this person changes, you need to advise Department of Justice and see if the new CORI person needs to have a Live Scan Fingerprint submission for a background fingerprint check.

4. Make sure that the level of service (DOJ / FBI) is clearly indicated on the applicant live scan request form. If no level of service is marked, we can only choose DOJ. Some of the levels are automatically chosen by the Live Scan programming system, which depends on the type of submitted application.

8. If your agency has an option of FBI and you wish to receive this response, please indicate this option on the applicant live scan fingerprint request form. Not every agency has the FBI search option; so don't request a particular level until you are sure it is available to your agency, organization, business, employer, school, day care center or assisted care facility. If you are unsure, please check with your California Department of Justice representative.

9. Make sure that you enter the correct AORI number on the applicant live scan request form. If your agency has more that one AORI assigned, please use the AORI that pertains to you as an applicant.

10. If your agency has a billing number assigned by DOJ, make sure that it is correct. This prevents DOJ from billing the wrong agency. If you have an email code (number) assigned by DOJ, please use it.

Important: What you fill in the applicant live scan request form dictates your total fees for DOJ, FBI. So, please be sure to mark the right choices.