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Live Scan - What is it?

As a result of the increasing complex world we live in, many business practices, which we have grown accustomed to be are no longer acceptable, and in many cases not practical.  Finger printing is one such practice.

Live Scan is an alternative method from the old, messy ink fingerprint method.The California Department of Justice (DOJ) Attorney General Office has established a process of performing background checks utilizing digitized fingerprints. A new process, called Live Scan, allows fingerprints to be electronically transmitted to the DOJ, and FBI instantly, making the results and responses available to the requesting agencies or applicants within days of submission. This technology replaces rolling fingerprints on an ink pad and sending them in by mail. This delay slowed the process by weeks and even months, and if smudged the process may have to be repeated. The Live Scan process gets the results of your criminal background check to your organization or employer within days. Ink Fingerprints can take up to 16-18 weeks.

Live Scan fingerprinting system refers to the process of capturing fingerprints directly into a digitized format as opposed to traditional ink and paper, card methods. Live Scan systems have evolved from standalone capture devices to complex systems with integration to multiple secure and safe databases. Images can now be captured, transmitted to a central location and/or interface with an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for identification processing. The method is clean, swift, and less prone to errors and mistakes.

Live Scan systems provide a means for individuals to produce consistent high quality fingerprint images, thereby reducing rejection rates and saving processing time and money. The image-capture process features a preview capability, allowing each fingerprint to be displayed real-time during capture, providing immediate verification of the quality of the fingerprint image. Computer Systems are coded with built-in checks to prevent as much as possible capture and transmission of bad quality prints. In some cases, given the nature of individual fingerprints due to various reasons such as age, and profession, poor quality fingerprints may be inevitable.

Once ink less fingerprints are captured using live scan system, they are then digitalized and transmitted directly to the Department of Justice (DOJ). DOJ will coordinate any additional processing that is necessary such as forwarding fingerprints to the FBI. DOJ then checks the fingerprints against known criminal history records. A response (criminal history or no criminal history) is then sent to the agency requesting the Live Scan. If an applicant has no criminal history a response should be sent from the DOJ to the requesting agency in approximately 3 to 7 days. The fingerprint agency is NOT notified about the results.